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Benefits of Infrared Inspections

It always pays off to regularly check the health of your home or business operations, regularly maintaining it to avoid significant damages and sometimes catastrophes that could have otherwise been avoided. It’s with infrared inspections that we can detect these problems, and it really shines as an efficient and effective means of informing your maintenance plans.

But what is it that makes infrared inspections the go-to method of choice for so many? Let’s take a look at the benefits of infrared inspections, and how this can stand to benefit your home or business overall.

You can avoid downtime

One of the best parts of thermal imaging inspections is that it can often be done without downtime. This is because more often than not whatever is causing the heat signature happens during operation. Any inspections that need to be done during downtime can be done before and after operations for a clear picture of how and when the heat occurs.

If downtime is necessary for an inspection, it can easily be scheduled around it. And often this downtime is short-lived, as opposed to waiting long spells for repairs, new parts, or for equipment to come back from checks at an outside facility. Downtime is lost time and lost money, and it’s understandable to wish to minimize the time your equipment stands idle

It’s a non-invasive inspection solution

With thermal imaging, you don’t have to take apart anything to check for problems. It’s simply a point and clicks endeavour with your thermal imaging equipment, and from there, an inspector can examine the findings. While thermography doesn’t tell you exactly what the causes/issues are, it does indicate there’s a problem, where it is, the scale of the problem, and oftentimes the nature of the inspection is enough to help an inspector know what the issue is. For example, a refractory inspection is to determine a heat leak in your refractory lining. A heat signature is pretty telling in this regard.

You can save on costs overall

By doing regular thermal inspections, you can accurately keep track of the health of your equipment. Nipping issues in the bud stops them from growing out of proportion and saves you from having to resort to extensive downtime for repairs.

Addressing problems such as poor insulation also allows you to save on costs that can accumulate from living with these problems. Poor insulation means you can run high electricity bills for a heater or AC, but by addressing the insulation you can more effectively regulate the temperature in your home.

With infrared training, you can do it yourself

Thermal imaging training is available to anyone, and you can opt to have yourself or your maintenance team trained in the art of infrared. Not only does it allow you to take maintenance checks into your own hands but allows you to quality check your own work for a more consistent product and efficient workflow.

It has a broad array of applications

Thermography is versatile and applicable to many situations and industries. This makes it an incredibly useful tool to have in your portfolio. Regardless of your industry or profession, if the problem can be detected from temperature, you can enlist the help of infrared inspectors.

And by adding infrared inspection skills to your own portfolio, you can make your services more enticing to potential clients, broadening your horizons and guaranteeing a new source of income. And because of the many industries and applications, you can open your business up to a lot more opportunities.

Fairly quick turnaround time

With infrared inspections, you can sometimes avoid long and complicated inspections that might need your equipment to be sent away or shut down. Depending on the scale of the inspections, infrared scans don’t take long to do, and can sometimes be done without multiple checks.

Even if multiple scans are necessary, they’re typically done before, during, and after operations. And this is still a lot faster than what you’d expect from sending your equipment away.

Enlist the help of infrared inspectors

Whether you’re looking to take on thermography training for the benefit of you and your company or want to work with a team of infrared inspectors to check your home and equipment as part of your maintenance plans, our team is here to help. We have years of thermal imaging experience to back us up, with a range of top tier thermography equipment to best equip us to assist you.

If you’d like to hear more about our services and the ins and outs of thermal inspections, feel free to get in contact with us.

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