Mechanical Infrared

Scan mechanical equipment for faults with thermal imaging.

mechanical inspections

Mechanical inspections with infrared technology allow you to clearly pick up differences in temperature in your machinery, which is typically an indication of failing parts and deterioration. This is especially true for bearings, engine components, rotating equipment, steam traps, refractory, tank levels and more.


Heat maps give you an accurate depiction of where heat is coming from, and this heat can have all manner of courses that are indicative of a problem. Heat can be caused by a number of factors, including; high levels of friction, high electrical resistance, a reduction or total loss of air/fluid cooling, and a poor flow of current in your motor.


All of these faults work to destroy your equipment, and if left undetected could result in unexpected system failures or even safety hazards to your team that can result in personal injury. Also more often than not when one part fails it takes multiple parts down with it. Infrared thermography picks up these technical issues and allows you to plan and formulate a response, saving you on time and costs as you effectively plan your maintenance around the urgency of those parts that need replacing. This not only lowers your cost of maintenance but reduces downtime overall.