Thermography Training

Instruction and training in thermography for a variety of applications


Thermography Training

Looking to incorporate thermography into your line of services or simply planning to use it regularly as a part of your operations? Be you an electrician, a veterinarian, a technician or a plumber, we’re here to help you get fully acquainted with your infrared thermographer. With thorough thermal imaging training, you can learn the ins and outs of your infrared camera and thermography equipment, as well as how best to set it up for the perfect shot. 


We also teach you how to read your thermal imaging, an essential part of thermographic camera training. You’ll learn how to read the various colours and what they mean, and learn to discern heat sources and their severity. You’ll also learn the benefits of multiple sessions of thermal imaging, from when machinery is turned off, to turned on, to turned off again, to see how the machinery behaved throughout its operation.


We also welcome veterinarians for equine thermal imaging courses and thermography for animals training. Thermography works in conjunction with other tests to diagnose potential health issues in animals, making it a great non-invasive procedure for evaluating animals before and after surgery. You’ll be able to incorporate it into your checkups with ease, helping to locate and prevent problem areas in animals.


We are one of the few to offer in-depth infrared thermography training in South Africa and Cape Town. If you have any questions about our infrared courses and what it takes to become a certified thermographer feel free to contact us, we’re happy to assist you and answer your questions.