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Detect pipe blockage, underfloor heating, roof leaks and more.


We weren’t kidding when we said thermography can play a part in a broad range of industries and professions, and we’re here to service all of them. With a handheld thermal scanner, you can detect discrepancies in temperature and fault areas anywhere, and that includes pipes, walls, drains and ceilings! With the assistance of our certified infrared technicians, we help you spot current and future problems in infrastructure and systems.


Infrared inspections can be a preventative measure or even a predictive one and can take place at any stage of construction, product life cycle and repair. For instance, you can do an infrared roof scan to find leaks and patch them up, or do an infrared scan of the floor after installing underfloor heating to make sure the heat is distributed evenly and throughout the home. Plumbers can do a thermal imaging test to find blockages and burst pipes. We can even produce temperature gradient diagrams and thermal maps for rotary ovens to make sure they’re operating effectively. The applications are endless, and it benefits you to unify thermography with your working practices. Once a future problem becomes clear to you it’s easy to find the solution.


If you have any questions about our thermal imaging camera, for plumping, underground pipes and many other applications, feel free to contact us! We’ll do our best to assist you and answer questions you may have.