Thermography Equipment and Sales

Expert advice on infrared and other condition monitoring equipment.

thermography camera

An inspector is only as good as the tools of his trade, and our thermal imaging experts are here to help set you up with the best possible thermography cameras and thermographic equipment in South Africa. At TMS we’ve developed strategic partnerships with the most reputable South African suppliers of infrared cameras and other condition monitoring equipment to give you the means to monitor your equipment, repairs and installations. 


It takes top-notch camera equipment to spot even the most fractional heat differences, with clear imagery and colour differentiation. By investing in quality equipment you can save costs on potential damages and unnecessary maintenance when you can clearly see the problem areas no matter how small or how subtle. 


There are a broad range of fields that require the need for infrared camera equipment, particularly if you want to monitor your own machinery. Electricians, veterinary specialists, engineers, repairmen, technicians, plumbers, architects and a myriad of other fields benefit from always having infrared equipment on hand to spot and diagnose problems that aren’t immediately visible to the eye. 


Integrate Infrared Inspections into your practices to work more effectively and efficiently. If you have any questions about our products or the relation of our infrared technology to your industry feel free to contact us.