Solar Panel Infrared

Identify faulty panels without having to remove and test in a lab.

solar panel infrared

Solar Panel Testing

While you may think solar panels are designed for the heat of the sun, solar panels are just as susceptible to heat-related issues as other types of equipment. In fact, solar panels are designed to convert sunlight into energy, and more than anything excess of heat is indicative of damaged cells and electrical components inside your panels. These heat patches are picked up through infrared inspections. Thermal imaging has long since been a tool in solar panel manufacturing and upkeep, with testing done before and upon installation ensuring even heat distribution and optimal performance.


One of the benefits of thermal imaging inspections is that it happens during operations, with no need to turn off your heating or have the system shipped off and tested remotely in a lab. But solar panel testing isn’t as simple as a point and click endeavour. A trained thermography inspector knows the correct positioning for the infrared camera for an accurate picture and to minimize and avoid reflections. And additionally, perhaps obviously, solar panel testing is weather dependent to get accurate results.


Once a heat spot is detected in your solar equipment, that faulty panel should be taken away for further testing to determine the technical problem and undergo repairs.