Infrared Inspections

Non-invasive analysis of equipment without requiring a shutdown.


Infrared Testing

Our team of infrared specialists are trained to tackle whatever problem presents itself in your equipment, or more accurately, what problem doesn’t immediately present itself! Thermography testing is a crucial part of all stages of a products life cycle, from development to testing, production to installation, and operation through to replacement and repair. By monitoring heat signatures with an infrared camera you can ensure your equipment or materials are not only functioning but installed accurately, or guarantee that repair jobs have been carried out accurately to avoid repeated maintenance.


Infrared inspections are also crucial to predictive maintenance and scheduling. Not all of your equipment is at the same stage in their life cycles, and repairing all your equipment at once is bound to be a costly endeavour. But by spacing out your repairs and general upkeep you can minimize or entirely prevent downtime and keep your maintenance costs manageable. Not only that but predictive and preventive repairs avoid more serious damages and failures that can require more extensive repairs and downtime that only increases your costs and lowers productivity.


Avoiding such catastrophic failures in your systems is also essential for the safety and security of your employees and your assets. Fires and combustion is a very real concern with electrical equipment and machinery, and insurance will often require that you do extensive inspections before they’ll allow you to renew your insurance policies with them. Protect your people and your equipment by keeping your equipment safe and stable.


If you have any questions or enquiries about our infrared inspection services and what areas we’re capable of scanning, feel free to contact us.